MYWIFE-1557 2.1 GB 10/07, 2019 magnet back

A married woman who is a young lady general of a houseboat in Taito Ward has come to recruit. It seems that she married her husband in the form of helping her husband's family business, but the operation of the houseboat is severe and sales are decreasing year by year. The worst situation is that the owner of the car walks around because his main business is not going well, and at the end he cheats with a young woman working at a restaurant, and even makes accounts receivable in her store! In such a situation, Sanae-san has more misfortune ... The husband's child is injured as a result of an injury case and the police paying compensation to the victim. I have let go of various things such as precious metals around me, but I haven't had enough money, so I've volunteered to make money with my body.